Analytics Segmentation: Viewer Engagement and Ad Optimization

Apr 7, 2017


We continue to iterate on our powerful Analytics tool: Segmentation! This month, we rolled out several new metrics to help publishers measure and optimize their video and ads strategy:

Viewer Engagement Metrics

●      Unique Viewers

●      Video quartiles

●      Plays per viewer

●      Time watched per viewer

●      Complete Rate

Ad Optimization Metrics (beta)

●      Ad Impressions per Viewer

●      Ad Fill Rate

●      Ad Requests

●      Ad Clicks

●      Ad Skips

●      Ad Completes

These new Analytics metrics put a lot of power into the hands of our users.  By exploring new per-viewer metrics, publishers can feel confident in their ability to test new video optimizations with JW Player and measure impact.

Customers using our Ad Scheduling tools are able to access beta Ad Optimization Metrics that make it easy to uncover monetization opportunities hidden in their data.  In the example pictured above, a publisher found that Impressions per Viewer is lower on Tablet than on Phone or Desktop, sparking an investigation into UX issues when their video ads are viewed on a Tablet.

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