How to Make Your Viewers Happy AND Boost Video CPMs

Jul 10, 2017


It’s no secret advertisers are hungry for video content and its viewers. The good news for digital publishers is that a programmatic approach makes it possible for anyone with modest scale to plug into a demand source and monetize video through advertising. Here’s the catch: To create a standout user experience for viewers while also attracting premium advertisers, publishers need to execute careful and critical choices.

Based on experience working with digital publishers around the world to optimize their sites for video, we’ve identified the strategies that are proven to deliver results. We’ve posted these recommendations in a 5-part blog series over the past 2 months with concrete actions you can take to grow your business by creating a more satisfying video experience for advertisers and users alike. Below is a summary for easy-access to these posts.

Employ these best practices and you won’t just maximize your video CPMs, but enhance your brand’s value proposition overall.

Part 1 : Focus on the User Experience

Part 2 : Show Off Your Content

Part 3 : Strategically Build Your Content Library

Part 4 : Know Your Users

Part 5 : Set Up Your Ad Demand Stack the Right Way

You can also download the complete e-book : our Video Advertising Playbook for Digital Publishers.

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