Introducing JW Player’s New Analytics Overview!

Aug 28, 2017


We recently overhauled our Analytics Overview page with a modern design refresh and leveraging our brand new Reporting API . At JW Player we serve a variety of users, from content editors and developers to ad operations managers. We set out to build a clean and intuitive interface that provides at-a-glance value to everybody–even those who don’t normally geek out over data!

Our goal is to quickly provide actionable insights. The best way to understand engagement or video performance is to frame the relationship between metrics, rather than just summarizing a metric. For example, while Number of Plays alone has value, comparing Plays to Completes paints a more clear picture of how engaging your audience finds your content.

The Analytics Overview is the entry point to understanding video data, so while the focus is to provide quick insights, we also created deep links to our powerful Analytics Segmentation tool for curious or more advanced users to dig into their data and tweak queries to discover new insights . Users can now “Explore” just about any data set on the page.

Previous charts are still available, including: Top Content, Top Devices, Top Countries, and Top Domains. Users can also generate an export of metrics like embeds, plays, completes, and uniques by clicking the export button next to the date range. With a more modular design, we can iterate more easily than ever before. That means over time (and with your feedback!) we can surface even more visualizations.

Perhaps most exciting is the underlying Reporting API , which is now available to the public. This means that your teams can create their own visualizations or integrate JW Player’s analytics data more seamlessly into your workflow. For more details on how to start using the Reporting API, and what metrics, dimensions, and features are supported, please visit the developer guide .