Case Studies: How 5 Digital Publishers Are Using Video to Succeed Online

Jun 30, 2021


More than 12,000 brands, digital publishers, and broadcasters use JW Player technology to stream, play, engage and monetize video on their sites, powering over 10 billion monthly plays across 2.7 billion devices every month. In a recent customer survey, 9 of 10 companies rate JW Player better than any other online video platform , and 88% customers were able to increase their video views by 10%+ when switching to JW Player.

Discover how some of the world’s largest publishers are using video to increase engagement, views, and advertising revenue through the unique product offerings from JW Player.

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How 5 Digital Publishers Are Using Video to Succeed Online

spiegel video case study

1. How DER SPIEGEL uses AVOD & live streams to grow their brand and audience

DER SPIEGEL’s strategy to use AVOD and Live Streams in 2020 helped them deepen video engagement and grow their brand reputation with new audiences. Video and live streaming are an important part to strengthening the DER SPIEGEL brand and online presence.

Download the case study now to discover how JW Player has helped DER SPIEGEL increase reach and engagement with live streaming, recommendations playlists, and regular technology improvements. From 2020 to 2021, DER SPIEGEL saw a 17% increase in AVOD video views and some live streams have seen upwards of 2 million minutes viewed.

—— Download the DER SPIEGEL case study here ——

Q.Digital video case study

2. How LGBTQ publisher Q.Digital experienced hockey stick growth in video views

As the world’s largest LGBTQ-owned and run media network (ranked by Comscore), Q.Digital operates four digital brands reaching 9.5 million LGBTQ consumers each month. With original video programming via their Queerty TV series and sponsored video content with major corporate sponsors, Q.Digital is continually growing their video presence online and rapidly working to increase ad impressions and revenue through a video strategy.

Download the case study to learn how they’re using JW Player to increase their video views and ad impressions, while continuing to build a library of new video content. Since enabling a sidebar widget in early 2021, Q.Digital saw a 10,976.47% increase in plays per month compared to their 2020 average, as well as a 25,791.26% increase in ad impressions. Sign up here to download the full report.

—— Download the Q.DIGITAL case study here ——

HELLO magazine video case study

3. How HELLO! Magazine generates revenue with a video-first content strategy

British magazine HELLO! managed to grow their video viewership by over 123% since 2020 by utilizing a video-first content strategy. This has enabled them to grow viewership and revenue rapidly, even during the pandemic. And with their clever resourcing, they’ve found creative solutions to optimize their video content (including metadata and using regular reporting of detailed analytics via the JW Player dashboard).

Download the case study today to see how HELLO! increased their revenue and video viewership.

—— Download the HELLO! case study here ——

insider inc video case study

4. How Insider Inc. transformed its video performance with JW Player’s Recommendations and Article Matching

As one of the world’s most popular digital news brands, Insider Inc. has produces high quality text and video content across two heavily trafficked sites, Business Insider and Insider. In 2019, the publisher was looking for an optimal solution to lift its video engagement, particularly for click-to-play videos inside articles.

Download the case study now to discover how JW Player’s Article Matching and Recommendations features had a profound effect on Insider Inc.’s ability to generate video views and hold the attention of its audience. The publisher saw a 61% CTR increase, a 114% lift in completed video views and a 97% jump in ad impressions vs. its internal solution.

—— Download the INSIDER INC. case study here ——

apartment therapy video case study

5. How Apartment Therapy and Kitchn increased their video engagement with JW Player’s Article Matching

Part of a family of popular websites, Apartment Therapy and Kitchn are two lifestyle brands that focus on life at home, from decorating and DIYs to recipes and meal plans. Collectively, they reach 53 million people across their sites and social network. But their video strategy was time-intensive. The publishers needed an easy-to-implement technology solution that could automatically add the most contextually relevant video to their text only pages, without the need for manual curation.

Download the case study now to see how JW Player’s Article Matching allowed Apartment Therapy and Kitchn to deliver a more contextually relevant, engaging user experience. In just three months, JW Player was able to help them achieve a 36% increase in video plays.

—— Download the APARTMENT THERAPY case study here ——

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More than 12,000+ brands, web publishers and broadcasters use JW Player technology to stream, play, engage and monetize video on their sites, powering over 10 billion monthly plays. For more video case studies and to see other examples of how publishers, broadcasters, and media companies are using JW Player to succeed online, click here .