The Playback

Oct 16, 2017


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Programmatic advertising is preparing for the first-price auction era (DigiDay)

“Exchanges like OpenX, Index Exchange and Rubicon Project are testing first-price auctions — in conjunction with second-price auctions — to help buyers win in a header bidding environment.”

Google to Share More About Visitors’ Search History With Publishers (AdAge)

“Information available through the ‘Insight Engine Project’ will include age, gender, relevant search history, shopping history and what visitors seem in the market to buy, according to Google.”

60% of Hulu Viewers Binge Watch. Here’s Why That Matters for Marketers (AdWeek)

“According to FreeWheel, 84 percent of long-form streaming content doesn’t repeat ads during the program, which is a step in the right direction.”

Snapchat is cozying up to startups with a dedicated discount program for their advertising needs (Business Insider)

“Snap is offering to reimburse the recut cost up to the greater of $1,500 or 1% of the overall budget where the spend is over $40,000.”

Sony is releasing a new PlayStation VR headset with a slightly simpler, better design (The Verge)

“For North American gamers keen to get in on the action, Sony promises it will keep bundle prices unchanged from where they are now.”