The Playback

Nov 7, 2017


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The state of video ad fraud (Digiday)

“Among different types of video inventory, fraudsters go after the most premium stuff. Bots drive just 4 percent of mobile web video traffic. But for over-the-top video — where CPMs are much greater than the mobile web — 20 percent of traffic is from bots, according to Pixalate.”

Pre-roll VR ads yield highest levels of brand recall (RapidTVNews)

“A consumer study of virtual reality (VR) advertising has found that the new medium is highly memorable with 70% aided recall across all ad formats and the highest levels occurring with the pre-roll, achieving as much as 90% aided recall.”

Understanding Amazon as an Advertising Platform (eMarketer)

“eMarketer estimates Amazon’s ad revenues are will total $1.65 billion this year—far below that of Google or Facebook, but above brands like Twitter and Snapchat.”

More than 200 OTT services active in the U.S. market, research group says (FierceCable)

“According to Parks, 60 companies have introduced over-the-top video services just since the beginning of 2016. Over that span, only seven OTT services in the U.S. have shuttered.”

Mobile ad impressions gain ground at expense of tablet views (RapidTVNews)

“There has been a significant increase in advertising impressions served on mobile devices in the last year, with quarter-by-quarter data indicating a steady, continuous rise in this category.”