The Playback

Nov 20, 2017


Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player

Smellable VR is coming whether you want it or not (Engadget)

Developed by Nimesha Ranasinghe and his team at the National University of Singapore, the Vocktail fools the senses, through the use of light, smell and “virtualized” taste, to make whatever is in the glass — even tap water — taste like, well, anything.

DSPs are under pressure to adopt ads.txt (DigiDay)

The Trade Desk will start using ads.txt to block unauthorized vendors from selling impressions, which is a feature that Google’s demand-side platform recently implemented , too.

European OTT video revenue to double by 2021 (RapidTVNews)

Markets including Germany, Poland, Italy and the Nordic countries are at an early growth phase, as is evident from the increasing number of new service launches and partnerships in the region, boosting the CAGR forecast to above 20%.

Vertical video ads are slow to take off in the UK (DigiDay)

For now, most nonsocial vertical video inventory is bought directly from publishers and in private marketplaces, and self-serve through platforms.

Video experience no longer constrained by schedules, location, devices or narrow choice (RapidTVNews)

For 60 years, the user came third, but now nearly every innovation seeks to liberate the user from the imposed schedule and commercial break, with producer interest yielding to consumer interest.

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