Viewers and Publishers Need Net Neutrality

Nov 28, 2017


Net neutrality is once again under threat.

The new FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, has proposed reversing the Commission’s 2015 decision to protect net neutrality under Title II of the Communications Act .

Chairman Pai has scheduled a vote on these revised rules for December 14th.

If the FCC removes the Title II classifications on Internet Service Providers (ISPs), many small- and mid-sized publishers will be at a severe disadvantage—and end-viewers will miss out. Most ISPs are also video content providers, so it’s easy to imagine them prioritizing their own content over others on their IP networks (or even blocking competing content altogether).

JW Player supports independent publishers and video content creators around the world and their dedication to providing the best user experience for their viewers regardless of which network delivers the content.

We encourage everyone to learn more about this important issue at Battle for the Net . If you are as concerned about it as we are, call the FCC (1-888-225-5322) and your members of Congress to tell them you support an open and fair Internet.

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