June 2018 Video Tech NYC Meetup

Jun 15, 2018


JW Player hosts developer discussions on blockchain, video transcoding, and peer-to-peer video delivery

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, JW Player hosted our first Video Tech NYC Meetup of the year. Over pizza, drinks, and conversations, we welcomed developers and other video industry professionals to hear from two leading experts in the tech community: Eric Tang, Founder and CTO of Livepeer, and Pierre-Louis Theron, Founder and CEO of Streamroot.

The Video Tech NYC Meetup is an open forum for anyone interested in the underlying technology behind video and online video publishing: HTML5 video, rendering, streaming, transcoding, codecs, advertising, open standards, video testing pipelines, VR/360, analytics, and more.

In Tang’s presentation, we looked at the video transcoding network in Livepeer – an open-source, decentralized video streaming network using the Ethereum blockchain. Under Livepeer, transcoders do the claim work and are incentivized to complete correct transactions, and verification is decentralized. Livepeer uses techniques similar to crypto mining to drive down price and improve the performance of video transcoding. The talk also covered vote-casting for transcoders via the token economy.

Theron gave a presentation on “WebRTC Peer-to-Peer Delivery: Scaling Up Your CDN Infrastructure for the World Cup.” His company, Streamroot , is the largest peer-to-peer delivery network for OTT broadcasters. During this talk, Theron presented the architecture of Streamroot’s peer-assisted video delivery solution leveraging webRTC. To integrate peer-to-peer libraries with JW Player and other players, publishers simply need a single line of code.

In addition, Theron’s talk covered insights on customer data and how Streamroot iterates on its algorithm to improve the QoS p2p efficiency. Distributed technologies, Theron said, cannot be tested on a test bed; tests should be done with several viewers in real-life conditions.

Stay up-to-date with Video Tech NYC Meetups here . The Meetup focuses on the engineering side and not the creative side, but creatives are welcome.

For more information about the Meetup and how JW Player can support your video business, schedule time to speak with a video expert.

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