Overheard at JW Insights London

Nov 19, 2018


This year’s Insights conference in London brought together some of the top minds in the video, advertising, creative, and technology industries.

On Thursday, November 15th, JW Player convened its second annual Insights London conference to host an afternoon of discussions centered around the topic of business growth through video intelligence.

The day brought together over 100 influencers and executives from across the advertising, media, and technology industries. Discussions centered around:

  • Creativity in the 21st Century
  • The Future of Digital Video: Data in the Driving Seat
  • Monetising Digital Video
  • Stump the Ad-Tech Experts
  • Unfiltered Advertising

Here’s some of what we heard throughout the afternoon!

“If you don’t create quality, you’re never going to cut through the noise” – Neil Christie, CEO of Weiden+Kennedy London

“Europe is a programmatic-first market when it comes to advertising” – Dr. Daniel Knapp, Senior Director, Media & Advertising at IHS Markit

“Authenticity is everything when it comes to being a socially conscious brand today… People will see right through you if you’re not.” – Sarah Shilling, CMO of Unlimited Group

“You have to identify who your viewers are amongst your audience. Not all readers will convert to viewers – and that’s okay!” – Brian Rifkin, Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Partnerships at JW Player

“We’re always iterating, building testing… dialing into the data” – Tom Pickworth, Head of Technical Operations, Commercial at the MailOnline

“Shockingly 37% of JW videos still don’t have thumbnails and over three-quarters don’t have transcripts.” – Jeroen Wijering, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of JW Player

“Video is at the heart of everything we do and I want it to be long-form and high quality…people have longer attention spans than we give them credit for” – Brian Whelan, Content Director at Joe Media

A special thank you to everyone who attended and followed along with #JWInsights.

Until next year London!

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