Working Moms in Tech: Interview with Emily Phillips from Hearst Television

May 19, 2021


In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021, the Women in Tech organization at JW Player hosted a series of interviews with five working moms across leading media and technology companies. In these interviews, we discussed navigating motherhood and the workplace in 2021 – the ways in which it has been challenging, rewarding, and empowering. Each interviewee also talked about the advice that they’d give to new and future working mothers.

Emily Phillips is the Senior Director and Managing Editor at Hearst Television, where she oversees the central content teams that provide national digital coverage, copy editing services and digital videos to Hearst Television’s more than two dozen markets around the country. A journalist at heart, Emily’s work melds her experience working on digital products like mobile apps and newsletters with a passion for operational efficiency and workflow improvements.

Emily and her husband live in NYC with their almost 3-year-old daughter.

In her interview, Emily talked about her experience searching for and starting a new job while pregnant. She also dives into seeking support from her community at work and home, as well as through therapy. Finally, Emily shares how becoming a parent has ultimately made her even better at her job, and passed along her tips for balancing the two.

Watch the full series of interviews here .