New Playbook from JW Player: Video Best Practices for the 2021 Q4 Holiday Shopping Season

Nov 16, 2021


Learn how to effectively promote and create holiday-themed videos during the annual end-of-year holiday season in this video strategy playbook . With the annual Q4 increases in video consumption and consumer spending for the holiday season, there has never been a better time for companies to explore new ways of using digital video. Online video companies have the unique opportunity to maximize reach and revenue with holiday-specific video strategies and best practices for publishing and advertising.


JW Player’s latest playbook, Video Best Practices for the 2021 Q4 Holiday Shopping Season , includes video marketing best practices tied to unique insights from holiday season ad segments. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the free-to-download playbook:

  • tips on how publishers can increase CPMs
  • contextual keyword trends
  • best practices for publishing video in Q4
  • video success stories from top digital media companies CafeMedia & GoNoodle

Using unique data from across 12,000+ publishing sites and 10 billion monthly impressions, JW Player has compiled actionable insights for publishers , advertisers , and other digital media brands to succeed with online video during this lucrative quarter.